About me


DJ Da BomB

Birthday: 14.11.1976
City of birth: Ashboro, NC U.S.A
City: Burlington



When did I first start spinning? : During the year of 1997 in Charlotte, NC/


/How old am I? : I'll be 33 years old as of November 14th 2009 ( Born 11-14-1976 )/


/What is your favorite genre of music? : Disco-House/


/How would I describe myself as a DJ? : I am a Dj who considers themselves more of an artist than a DJ. I don't believe in letting a song play by itself for very long. Afterall why should I let you hear the song play the way that you can go out and find it and play it in your home, my job is to remix it live and spice up the mix to the best of my ability./


/Who is my favorite dance artist? : Basement Jaxx/


/Who is my favorite non-dance artist? : Jordin Sparks ( Winner of American Idol 2007 )/


/Who is my favorite remixer? : Armand Van Helden/


/who is my favorite turn-tableist? : It's a toss up between Bad Boy Bill and Richard "humpty " Vission/


/Who is my favorite Hip-Hop artist? : Timbaland/


/Where have I spun at in the past? : Between Feburary of 2000 and May of 2002 I was the resident House DJ at Scorpio's in Charlotte, NC and at the same time was also at Amos's Afterhours NightClub in Charlotte as well./


/Where do I spin now? : http://radio.virtualdj.com/live/ ( VirtualDJ Radio )/


/What type of equipment do I spin on or use? : I have used turntables and cd players and I now use the software Virtual DJ with a midi mixer controler./


/Which equipment do I prefer and why? : I prefer virtual dj because once you have reached a point where you are able to beat match with persistence why should it matter that you are using a computer program. it allows you to load the songs a lot quicker and improves on your own abilities./


/Where can you hear my mixed sets at? : on this page & http://www.house-mixes.com/artists/DJ_Da_BomB/ & @ http://www.reverbnation.com/djdabomb /


/What is my all time favorite dance track? : Unspeakable Joy by Kim English ( The Razor and Guido Remixes)/


Favourite leisure activity:
Meeting friends, Music, TV & Movies

Favourite TV-Show:
American Idol

Favourite books:
Harry Potter
Favourite music:

Favourite drink:

Favourite meal:

Favourite country for traveling:
Italy and many more...

Favourite quotes:

"Break that Beat" & " House is a Feeling"